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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everything in moderation

Hello. I'm back again from another hiatus. I was dealing with some career issues. (They in no way prevented me from blogging, but I did have to deal with them, and I will pretend the relationship was causal.)
So what brought me back? Well, I was pondering one of life's important questions: how many black dresses is too many?

It's a difficult question, and one that requires consideration of many factors before determining the answer. For instance, does this question apply only 
to ALL-black dresses? What about, say, black dresses with white stripes, or with pink flowers? What about trim? And seasonality? Sleeve length? Skirt length? Material?

As you see, there are many, many points of differentiation that can set one black dress apart from another. Which makes me realize that this one is VERY different than the 15 I already own. I don't have a knee-length black dress with long sleeves, a tie at the waist AND pin-tucking trim at the bust!

But I will soon. $32, + 25% off this weekend.


floretbroccoli said...

1. You cannot have too many black dresses. 2. Only an entirely black dress counts as a black dress. 3. Not all blacks are the same.

jayn said...

all blacks are not the same.

floretbroccoli said...

No blacks are the same? As what?

Jayn said...

blacks are never the same as one another. they are always a bit off. but nothing like how no navies are the same.