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Monday, May 25, 2009

I Thee Wept

It was fun shopping for a dress for me to wear to the wedding Amanda was going to. There is no fun whatsoever involved in shopping for a dress for me to wear to a wedding I am going to. I would be lying if I said that after the shopping there wasn't both some quiet weeping and some wine involved. I would also be lying if I said a glass was involved.

So here are the dresses currently in the running. And by in the running, I mean I bought them all and now have two months to agonize over each and every one. Before buying another one. And returning them all and wearing the classic black column dress already in my closet.

$52. Might get a crick in my neck, though, if I have to pose that way for the entire wedding.

$52. OK , this is the picture my sister sent me from her phone, so you have to trust me that there is more to the dress than just this ruffed bodice. It's a knit top with a heavy satin skirt with interesting pleats.

Also $52. A little short - I'd have to let it down. I love the flowers. Black on black - what is more festive, really?

$137 at Bloomies. A favorite of several of the friends (victims) I have enlisted (forced) to assist in this search. I believe the Suri/Katie haircut is optional, but the dress hasn't arrived yet, so I can't be certain.
Feel free to do your own vicarious shopping. Weeping and wine (and wine glass) optional.


li'l said...

i like the black on black action. but, i dislike anything that requires alteration... a quandary.

floretbroccoli said...

1. Is that "wine" or "whine"?

2. Know your return policies!

Jayn said...
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