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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I am about to come into some Old Navy store credit. Though the actual amount remains unknown until the reading of the will (or until the cashier tells me if I will get the full value for these items returned without a receipt), I am nonetheless very excited for this imminent windfall and am spending some time thinking about how I will spend it. Knowing me, it will go to fill my closet with yet more summer dresses that I can only dream about wearing at the moment. Possibly one of these.

Loving the 80s-ness of this one. I think I had the same dress as a small child.

They say maxi dresses are going to be in this summer. So naturally, I need one in black (to complete my collection of black sleeveless dresses at every length).

This one's in Cyclamen -- my favorite birth control/color!

Of course, it will probably turn out that only have enough for these $3.50 flip-flops. But as far as inheritances go, it could be worse. At least I won't have to pay taxes.

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