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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talking Ass Pants on the Cheap

It's the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret and words on your ass, otherwise known as the PINK line, are going wicked cheap. I have spent more time (and money) than I can afford, frankly, pondering my obsession with these derriere scribblings, and I just give up. Ditto with understanding why someone who dresses in an entirely muted palette chooses 'loungewear' in such insanely bright colors, sometimes festooned with gold and rhinestones. Possibly those colors are the secret to my ability to stay up so late - who could possibly sleep in the glare of hot pink and turquoise with gold lame writing and rhinestones?

I picked up this cute sleep tee for $10. It's almost muted, but it does have the hot pink and the words, albeit not on the ass. Plus, as someone who leaves Manhattan once every six months, and then only head to Queens to hop a plane some other large city, the expression "nature lover" really makes me laugh. I mean, I'm annoyed by the stupid ginko trees, 2 to a block, and how they dare drop their 7 measly pods once a year, cluttering our sidewalks.

And of course, there are the talking ass pants ($16).

Oh, I understand that you can also pick up other things at the sale - crazy good deals on bras, panties, pj's etc, without words emblazoned on them. I don't know why a person would want those, but, to each his own.

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floretbroccoli said...

What, no Gilmore Girls mention?