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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sore Spots

I have a shirt just like this one. I loved it. Right up until the day last week it was washed in the same machine, apparently, in which some thoughtful person had washed his or her whites. With bleach. Take my word for it, this top looks much nicer without faded brown spots all around the neck and across the back. I tried that Sharpie trick and it worked pretty well. I intend to wear this top the very next time I am invited to a dimly lit meeting attended by people with very poor eyesight, all of whom have chosen to leave their glasses - and contacts - home. I am invited to so many meetings of that ilk.
Right now with a Luxe card, I can replace my top for only $19. But why would I? I mean, it's just so much improved this way.

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