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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tank You Veddy Much

You know what's nice about joining a gym? And before you answer, "pretending not to see other people's hair clogging the gym shower drain," let me tell you: buying gym clothes. Now, in the Manhattan neighborhood I live in, it would appear there is a uniform for women who work out, or want to appear to work out. They all wear Lulu Lemon. (All men are issued an Obama t-shirt upon crossing 60th Street.) At Lulu Lemon you can get yourself a cute top for only $70 and maybe some yoga pants for another $90. I guess that price tag explains why Lulu Lemonheads wear their gym attire 24/7. And as cute as those clothes are, and as expensive, I don't need spandex wrapped tightly around my midsection. While you might think spotting evidence of my overindulgence in cupcakes would inspire me to work out, it really only inspires me to eat more cupcakes. So - buy this tank for $10. It floats away from the cupcake area, allowing you to focus on your workout and not your midriff.


floretbroccoli said...

The title of this post, a tribute to your late father-in-law?

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