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Monday, September 8, 2008

Lookin' Good, Mr. Kot-ter

Not nearly as well-documented, but certainly as powerful, as my love of the seventies is my love of the sitcom. So you can imagine how I love me my seventies sitoms. I regularly watch Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Good Times. And I looove Rockford, which I know is not a sitcom, but, come on - it's Jim Rockford.

As a young child in the seventies, I was not allowed to watch certain, very popular shows. One might have thought it was because their language was crass. In fact, it was my mother who employed the crass language, labeling certain shows as "CRAP!" and therefore utterly out of bounds. First and foremost on the list of programs that would destroy my mind was "Welcome Back, Kotter," a show so "CRAP!" that I cannot bear to watch it even now, when I should be reveling in my freedom as an adult to break all the rules imposed upon me by utterly unfair parents (this rebellious attitude explains my close relationship with every sugared cereal ever created, including, but not limited to, Mr. T peanut butter cereal).

Regardless, the phrase, "lookin' good, Mr. Kotter" came to mind as soon as I saw these corduroys and I had to make them mine - as must you! OK, astute fans of the sitcom genre will recognize that quote from "Friends." (Oh my god, it is amazing there is room left in my brain to balance my checkbook. Ha ha ha, I make myself laugh with the claim that I balance my checkbook. Hee hee.)

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