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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hat's It!

One of Jayn's and my favorite things about New York City is how impossible it is to faze people in this city. In another city, a giant face tattoo might garner some stares or funny looks. Here, it just serves as landmark, telling you you've entered the East Village. In another city, people might be unnerved by the fact that they are sharing a subway car with a man in a panda suit. Here, he's just another body to push past as you board.

But today, my friends, I have discovered something that will shock even the most freak-accustomed New Yorker. What is it, you ask? What could possibly draw the curious stares of this jaded populace? The answer, dear readers, is a girl in an awesome hat.I had donned this fetching little cloche, which I picked up for a mere $15 at a Florida Target, to brave the chill in the air on my way to work. As I waited at the bus stop, sat quietly on the cross-town ride, boarded the elevator in my office building, I felt all eyes upon me. I could feel the curious stares, hear their unasked questions -- "What is that? Who would wear such a thing?"

In retrospect, their shock and awe was really not that surprising. After all, we don't have a Target in Manhattan.

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