So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Friday, September 4, 2009

They're my new "I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots" boots!

So, last summer my girlfriend called me minutes after interviewing for a job in licensing for Lucky and told me, "You are in trouble. They're making shoes." Not only do they now have shoes, my friends, they have boots. Lucky Brand boots? I didn't even have a chance really, did I? On top of that, today I had a closet organizer come by and he actually told me that, if I was going to keep all my boots, there was literally nothing he could do to help me. Apparently, I have made a lifestyle choice.

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1 comment:

Jamie Archer said...

Wow oh wow. I saw my cousin with these Lucky Brand boots
and I realized that I needed myself a pair. I haven't gotten around to buying one as yet :(. I think i'll spend some money from the next paycheck to be stylish with these bad boys.