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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Double Duty

Aren't things luckier when you find additional ways to use them? And by "things" I mean clothes and by "use" I mean wear. Honestly, I am not so interested in the many unexpected uses for a fabric softener sheet or paper cupcake liners.

I am interested in how this year's obsession with layering is letting me make use of my summer items all winter long. Take this dress. I bought one like it last summer from the gap. Cute all summer long (layered then too, with a t-shirt or tank) and how cute is it this winter, over a crisp white blouse? Who would have thunk it a year ago, but there it is.

Same goes for the $10 breezy, sleeveless gray shift I got at Old Navy over the summer (I work very hard not to realize how much it resembles the housecoat my grandmother spent every minute of the Florida years in, so just you keep quiet). Put it over a nice thermal long sleeved shirt, add some boots, and you're ready for winter.

Pair that same thermal, or any other one of the countless thermals I own, with one of last summer's swingy tanks, and there you are again, getting luckier. Really, could lining your bathroom garbage can with a fabric softener sheet ever compare?

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