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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stained Lass

One great thing about purchasing cosmetics from drugstores instead of Sephora is that you can buy more of them. Not that I ration my Sephora purchases. But I got this new Cover Girl product, Outlast Lipstain, to test for free. I like the product -- it gives me a nice, stained look (stained in a good way, not in an I-need-Tide-to-Go way, which is good because I hate Tide to Go, it smells like vomit which I choose to believe is because it is digesting the stain) and is fun to apply. It's like drawing on your lips with a marker, which is more enjoyable than it sounds.

The problem with Outlast Lipstain is that it doesn't really outlast anything. It doesn't stay on very long -- certainly not through my Grande Caramel Light Frappucino -- and it can be a little drying. But like I said, it's cheap (or free, in my case), so I can afford another product to layer over it and help it stay on longer. It's nice with a clear gloss or lip balm. I recommend buying at least five.

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