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Friday, March 28, 2008

Shine On

I am finally willing to acknowledge the metallic trend. The metallic trend is like animal print and cargo pants - blink it's in, blink again and it's out, blink once more and they're baaack. So, quick, before you blink again, metallic is back.

And while you really should have metallic shoes from when they were in style 2 blinks ago, you, like me, may have already purged them, thinking you would not blink again. In that case, here is a very cute pair at such a reasonable price you won't feel guilty about re-purchasing them. Anyway, if you gave away your last pair, whoever has been wearing them all this time is now ahead of the trend, and you can congratulate yourself for enabling that feat.

1 comment:

floretbroccoli said...

Or enabling those feet.