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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let It Rain

Over the last several years, cute rain boots have appeared. We welcomed this fashion development, because, until these boots arrived on the wet scene, we were really at a loss as to how to maintain our cuteness in damp weather, especially as we live in a city where walking our most frequent form of transportation.

But... but these boots were all just too pricey. I love the Hunter boots like the next chick- I mean, who doesn't want to pretend they are just getting back from terrorizing an innocent fox out on the moors, but at what price? And, let's be honest, they do lack in the creativity department. These boots, however, preserve your cuteness and your money at the same time.

And, really, if you dream of being Kate Middleton and chasing after the hounds, but really the only hounds you know are those annoying dachshunds owned by that woman upstairs who probably doesn't really think they are her children, even though she refers to them as such and pushes them in a specially designed dog stroller, than you might like this more budget-conscious version of the Hunter boots:

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