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Friday, April 24, 2009

All in the Family

Amanda has this blouse, my sister has this blouse, and I will soon have this blouse. So, given its popularity, it seemed logical to share the blouse with you, the public at large. In Amanda's case, the blouse came her way as the spoils of photo shoot. (I want a job where you get pretty blouses for free. I get things like books on disruptive innovation or conflict resolution tool kits.) My sister, a fishmonger (not really, but it's a profession that doesn't get enough press and is fun to say), had to purchase it for herself and, as it turns out, for me as a birthday present.
Look at the cute gimmick, I mean detail, on the sleeves:

I think this top looks absolutely adorable paired with the walking shorts in the first picture, but I know that if I wore those to my office, it would not be the win-win-win situation - more like a "go home and change, young lady" situation. Disruption has its time and its place, apparently.

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